quinta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2013

Today's - day fisrt

Today I dedicated only 1 hour to the services. I had two classes scheduled, but one of the students was not at home. The other one was at home, but we only had a talk. He´s name is Tarcisio. Coincidentally, he was a coworker! We work in the same company for 2 years, at 5 years ago. In the same year that I gone out of the company, he had a stroke, and remains with the right side paralised. He can walk, talk, manipulate the things, but with difficulty. He was seeking for his retirement, because he´s disability. But he is not getting it. the brazilian laws are very hard in these situation, because there are so much cheats. But, in the other hand,. his conditions are so clear, I mean, he's very sick... My purpose in his case is help him to better his self-esteem. If he needs, I will go with him to the doctor. I will help him with orientation, because he need to get the retirement, but he's so humble. I want to help him with exercises, readings, orientation. I will write what will happen. 

I don't give a fish, I teach how to fish!

My name is Anderson Souza and am a brazilian volunteer for 13 years, since I was 13 years old. I participate in a work in which I do an educational work in social welfare activities, youth and adult literacy, humanitarian activities and other philanthropic activities in favelas and poor districts. I have learned the secret of happiness, which says: "There is more happiness in giving than in receiving." I am very happy, but it is difficult to raise funds, both for myself and for the activities that I perform. So if you can make a donation, just click on "donate" and the amount will be deposited to me. I will use this amount to my sustainance and for my social works. I already have a half-time job, but that's insufficient . But your donate would be very welcome and well used. Thank you so much!